Face Lift Prices in Thailand

Face Lift Prices in Thailand

The facial area is extremely important for women. Since the signs of aging first start on the face, various operations can be performed in this area. Facelift prices in Thailand are a matter of curiosity. Although non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures are frequently used today, these applications are not sufficient in some cases. For this reason, most women today prefer to have facelift surgery.

What is a Face Lift?

People who have a lot of wrinkles and sagging problems on the face prefer to have face lift surgery . A thin incision is made from the front of the ear to the back of the ear of the people who will be operated. The main point here is that the deep tissues are stretched. Stretching of the skin itself causes various problems during healing.

Stretching the deep tissues helps to create both long-term and permanent effects. This method is mostly preferred by people over middle age. Because in this period, sagging and wrinkle problems occur due to the advancing age of people. Another option is face lift surgery performed with an endoscope. In this process, cameras with a thickness of 4 millimeters are used.

Facelift surgery is performed with these cameras. In this technique, thin incisions are made on the scalp. In this way, the deep tissues are pulled and stretched. This method is one of the methods used mostly by people with less facial wrinkles, deformation and sagging. Since it is not a total surgery, it is not preferred by middle-aged people. It is among the surgeries performed mostly by middle-aged people.

How is Face Lift Surgery Performed?

Facelift surgery is performed with thin incisions starting from the front of the ear to the back of the ear. While performing these surgeries, not only face lift but also face shaping operations are performed. The main thing here is to bring the skins hanging down to their former places.

This process is applied to the neck as well, providing tension towards the chin. In addition, operations such as fat injection, eyebrow lifting, filling, and chin aesthetics are added to the face lift process to support the face lift.

When is Face Lift Surgery Needed?

As a result of research and technological developments in the field of medicine, surgeries can be performed comfortably with diagnosis and treatment methods. Since the innovations in the field of aesthetic surgery have developed quite a lot, it is ensured that people have a natural beauty in a comfortable way.

Face lift application is performed in cases where the cosmetic products or botox and fillers are not enough, and to people of advanced age. This procedure, which is applied to women over the age of 50, can be performed in certain areas at certain intervals in some people.

It is the process of removing the excess skin with an incision starting from the hairy area on the ear and face lift operations applied to remove the deformations in the jaw line and neck area, excess skin in front of the ear, deep wrinkles that can be seen in the entire face area.

the face lift process , the sagging, wrinkles and excess skin that occur as a result of aging are removed, making people look much more vigorous and younger. During this procedure, eyelid aesthetics and neck lift surgery can also be applied. In this way, it is possible to achieve a holistic recovery.

How is the Face Lift Surgery Process?

The facelift surgery process includes various risk factors as in other surgical interventions. During this procedure, problems such as bleeding, infection, skin loss, and edema may occur. Choosing a doctor is a very important issue in the pre-operative process. Preferring surgeons who are experts and experienced in their field is a factor in preventing risk factors. In addition, it is important for people to quit their smoking habits before and after the surgery. In this process, smoking prevents wound healing problems from occurring in a qualified manner.

After Face Lift Surgery

The recovery process of facelift surgery varies depending on the condition of the patients. The procedure also differs according to the condition of the patients. Usually, the process is easily completed in 4-6 hours. After the surgery, it takes about a month for the result to be fully noticed.

For people who use make-up, it is okay to put on make-up after the stitches are removed. However, it is important for people to stay away from the sun as much as possible. If it is mandatory to go out in the sun, extra care should be taken in the use of sunscreen during this period. The post-operative process usually proceeds as follows;

·         It is an important issue for patients to wear a neck brace at first. This is extremely important in terms of not increasing bruising and swelling.

·         At first, there may be a lot of increase in swelling. Afterwards, these swellings will gradually decrease. After removing the stitches and bandages, patients can easily take a shower. It is also possible for them to start makeup.

·         After this process, patients will gradually begin to return to their daily lives. Patients can comfortably do the activities they always do. In addition, most of the bruises begin to heal.

·         After a few weeks, it is possible for the swelling to disappear completely. It is also possible to do sports activities again. Although the numbness on the face does not go away completely, some of it disappears. A few more months of healing are required for it to disappear completely.

·         It is an important issue for people to take care of sun protection until the healing processes are completely over.

After all these stages are over, it is possible to have a natural and young looking face. In order for the whole process to proceed correctly, the doctor's recommendations are strictly applied.

Is Face Lift Surgery Repeated?

The face area is the place where the most aging and signs of aging are seen. For this reason, the aging process never stops. Facelift surgery will not stop the process, it will only provide treatment. It is possible to apply again if the people have physical abilities.

Over time, the human face wears out. Therefore, sagging and wrinkling problems occur. There are cases of pitting in detentions. Sagging cheeks cause the jawline to deteriorate. These problems occur most often in people who are middle-aged or older. It is possible to recover the deformed face with facelift surgery and obtain a young and natural appearance.

the deformation conditions on the face, it is decided whether a facelift surgery is needed. Facial deformation problems do not occur only due to age. Facial deformation problems may occur in young people due to smoking, alcohol use and intense stress. For this reason, people who have sagging on their face and are uncomfortable with these conditions can have this surgery.

How Long Does the Effect of Face Lift Surgery Last?

The face shape obtained after facelift surgery will protect itself for many years. While the face can be protected for about 10 years, it can also maintain its young and natural state for many years depending on different factors. A facelift also helps people regain their self-confidence.

Face Lift Surgery in Thailand

Thailand is a developed country in terms of international medical tourism. Many people choose to have facelift surgery here. In addition to the fact that there are many developed hospitals in the country, all of the physicians are specialized in their fields. Facelift surgeries performed here are performed very successfully. You can contact us to get information about face lift surgery in Thailand .

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