Breast Reduction Prices

Breast Reduction Prices

Breast reduction can be done for medical or cosmetic purposes. The occurrence of sagging due to the large size of the breasts, the lack of symmetry and the lack of suitable clothing may make breast reduction surgery mandatory. Likewise, breast reduction surgery may be requested to relieve back and shoulder pain. People with large breasts have difficulty performing many physical activities. Genetic factors, having given birth or environmental factors can cause a person to have large breasts. Large breasts also have a negative cosmetic effect on the person.

breast reduction prices are very curious by patients, this situation varies according to many factors. The cost of living in the country, the experience of the doctor and the equipment of the clinic are generally reflected in the prices. For this reason, you should first decide in which country you will be treated and then do a fee research. You can contact us for exact price information.

Is Breast Reduction Risky?

As with any operation, some complications can be seen in breast reduction surgery. The risks of breast reduction surgery can be shown as follows. The risks of breast reduction can be shown as follows;

·         There is a possibility of encountering an infection or a small amount of bleeding.

·         There may be a loss of sensation in the nipple.

·         Breastfeeding may decrease as milk ducts may be damaged during the surgery.

·         The operating room environment, which does not meet all the conditions, may bring different risks.

How is Breast Reduction Surgery Performed?

Breast reduction surgery involves removing excess fat tissue from the skin and breast. It can be applied to people over the age of 20 who have completed their physical development. This operation can be applied to people under the age of 20 only if it causes a health problem. Breast reduction surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The surgery is completed in 2.5-4 hours. To determine which method to use, breast size, nipple, breast crease, skin texture, and distance between nipple and shoulder-hip are calculated.

The lollipop incision method requires making a circular incision around the nipple. By correcting the physical appearance of the person, the nipple is raised if necessary. The skin is closed without damaging the milk ducts. Afterwards, a drain is placed on the nipple to accelerate healing. In the reverse T method, a reverse T is used from under the breast and the skin is closed after the necessary fat tissue is removed.

After breast surgery, the patient must stay in the hospital for one night. After the drain is removed and the dressing is done, the patient can be discharged. There is a doctor's control 1-2 weeks after the surgery. In the 2nd week control, the threads are removed and special creams are used. The patient rests for 1 week with a special bra and can return to his daily life. Wearing a sports bra for about 6 weeks will be good for recovery.

Is There Any Scar After Breast Reduction Surgery?

As with almost every surgery, small scars may remain after breast reduction surgery . The shape of the scar may differ according to the surgical situation. The scar is smaller in lollipop surgery. However, the stain is not very noticeable. In some people, there is no scar on the breast, while in others it may be obvious. The experience of the doctor is also very effective here.

What Should Be Considered After Breast Reduction Surgery?

After breast reduction surgery, you need to rest for 3-7 days. You should use the antibiotics and other drugs that the doctor will give you without interruption. It would be better to use a sports bra that does not put pressure on the breasts. After the operation, the doctor will determine the bandage days. This bandage will allow the breasts to recover faster. It is necessary not to carry heavy loads for an average of 4 weeks, and to avoid pushing and pulling movements. Light exercises should not be done in the first 4 months. Swelling may occur for a while after breast reduction surgery. This is perfectly normal. In 3-5 weeks, the swelling in the breast will decrease. In order for the scars to heal quickly, it is necessary to stay away from smoking and alcohol.

What are the Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery?

The benefits of breast reduction surgery are as follows;

·         It gives an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

·         Chronic pain complaints such as low back and back pain disappear.

·         Providing physical activity becomes even easier.

·         The patient feels better psychologically as there will be a body difference.

How is Breast Reduction Surgery Performed?

The reason why breast reduction surgery is performed can be explained as follows;

·         Chronic shoulder and back pain

·         Elimination of the curvature of the spine

·         Resolving lung problems

·         Elimination of bad looks

·         Difficulty putting on a bra

For these reasons, you can also have breast reduction surgery .

Can Smokers Use Breast Reduction Surgery?

Smokers can also have breast reduction surgery. However, smoking makes the scar permanent and increases the risk of infection. For this reason, smokers should stop smoking 1 month before the surgery. If you think you are suitable for this surgery, you can contact Thailand breast reduction clinics . For this, you can get free consultancy service from us.

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