Nose Aesthetics Prices

Nose Aesthetics Prices

Nose aesthetics , also known as rhinoplasty, is a plastic surgery performed to change the shape of the nose. There are many reasons for having a rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty can be applied to repair a deformity as a result of injury, to cover birth defects, or to eliminate some respiratory problems. Sometimes, rhinoplasty is applied both to eliminate breathing difficulties and to provide an aesthetic appearance.

The structure of the nose consists of the upper structure of bone and the lower structure of cartilage. The nose also has a very important place in the respiratory system. Rhinoplasty prices vary depending on many factors. The materials used, hospital preference and doctor's experience are variable in prices.

How is Nose Aesthetics Performed?

Nose aesthetic surgeries require operations on bone, cartilage and skin layer when needed. When planning rhinoplasty, the facial features of the person, other features of the face and what the person wants to change are taken into consideration. Special planning is applied to people who are suitable for rhinoplasty. As with all major surgeries, there are certain risks in rhinoplasty. Infection and bleeding are known risks. There are also certain risks specific to rhinoplasty surgery. Difficulty breathing through your nose, permanent numbness in the nose, misshapen nose, permanent discoloration and swelling are among the risks. However , if you have rhinoplasty in Thailand , you do not carry these risks.

The physician will inform about all possible risks before starting the operation. The most important question the doctor will ask is whether the person is highly motivated and whether he expects success from the surgery. The patient should explain his expectation from nose surgery to the doctor in the best way possible. Likewise, the physician should indicate whether the patient will meet their expectations. During the process, the doctor will conduct a detailed examination such as blood test, physical examination and imaging techniques. Photos taken before rhinoplasty are also important in order to see the effect of the surgery.

If the person's chin is small, the surgeon can also talk to the person about chin aesthetics in order to keep the facial features proportional. Because a small chin makes the nose look bigger. In this case, jaw surgery will be effective. It is possible to be discharged from the hospital on the same day after rhinoplasty .

Preparations Before Nose Aesthetics

Some medications should be avoided before rhinoplasty surgery . It is absolutely inconvenient to use aspirin, antibiotics and blood thinners. Because these drugs can increase bleeding. Only prescription drugs approved by the nasal surgeon should be used. Herbal medicines and dietary supplements should be avoided. It is necessary to take a break from smoking before the operation. Smoking increases the risk of infection. Dressing should be continued for 2-7 days. To reduce the risk of bleeding after rhinoplasty, you should lie with your head higher than your chest.

Difficulty in breathing may occur as a result of the splint placed on the nose during the surgery. The splint will be removed a few days after the surgery. Sunglasses should not be worn for at least 4 weeks after surgery. At the same time, it is necessary to stay away from sunlight after the surgery. If you need to go out in the sun, you can use factor 30 sunscreen.

What Are the Results of Nose Aesthetics?

Rhinoplasty is a very laborious plan. Because the nose has a three-dimensional shape located in the middle of the face. Changes made during the surgery cause a big change in the shape of the nose. Since the changes are small, the margin of error is also quite high. It is impossible to know when you will achieve the desired result. Because while some people recover 1 month after the operation, some patients see results 6 months after the operation.

Is There an Age Limit for Nose Aesthetics?

People who have not completed their bone development should not have nose surgery. For this reason, people who want to have rhinoplasty should be over the age of 18. You can contact specialist physicians to have rhinoplasty in Thailand .

How Many Days Does Nose Aesthetic Surgery Heal?

Rhinoplasty is a very important process after surgery. After the operation, swelling will occur in the face area. In some patients, bruises may also occur under the eyes. In this case, patients are recommended a cold ice pack. It is necessary to go to the doctor for control within 3-4 days after the operation. After the control, the bandage on the nose is removed. But the tampon is not immediately removed. The reason why the tampon stays in the nose is to prevent the holes from closing when the nose swells. The tampon will be removed 10 days after the control. At this stage, the swelling will not have gone down yet. Once the tampon is removed, your nose will be taped. The bands will stay on your nose for about 1 week.

You should definitely not take a blow to your nose after the surgery. Therefore, you should protect yourself thoroughly during this process. Because you will be involved in a process that requires a lot of attention. You shouldn't neglect the controls either. After about a year, your nose will reach the appearance it should be.

Why Do People Come To Thailand For Nose Correction?

Many patients prefer Thailand for rhinoplasty. Thailand rhinoplasty treatments are arranged at affordable costs and the satisfaction of the patients is 100%. On the other hand, health tourism is quite developed. In addition, physicians serving in Thailand really provide services with experience. You can also perform rhinoplasty treatment in Thailand, you can contact us for this.

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