FUE Hair Transplant Prices in Thailand

FUE Hair Transplant Prices in Thailand

Hair transplantation methods attract attention as a permanent solution for people who have hair loss problems all over the world. FUE hair transplantation, which is one of the hair transplantation methods, is an operation that has been preferred for many years. If people with certain conditions experience hair loss and hair loss, they can have this procedure if they are over the age of 18. FUE hair transplantation method is also used frequently in Thailand. FUE hair transplant prices in Thailand are curious in this respect.

hair transplantation , the permanent hair on the back of the head is transplanted to the balding parts. It is possible to use different tools and techniques during this process. FUE hair transplantation technique is also among the successful hair transplantation methods that are frequently preferred today.

FUE Hair Transplantation ?

People always want to have bushy and healthy hair. However, over time, women and men may experience hair loss problems due to factors such as air pollution, hormonal factors, vitamin and mineral deficiency, and stress .

The most important cause of hair loss problems in men is genetic factors. In women, the most important cause of hair loss problems is hormonal factors, B12, iron, vitamin and mineral deficiencies. In today's conditions , it is possible to get rid of hair loss and hair loss problems thanks to the hair transplantation method .

FUE method is among the most preferred methods by hair transplant specialists. Hair analysis should be done first for patients who apply to hair transplant specialists for hair transplantation. In this way, procedures are carried out in order to determine the structure of the hair, the density and quality of the hair, and the quality of the hair follicles in the donor area from which the hair will be taken. After determining that the patients are suitable for the FUE method, it is possible to start the procedures. One of the most important advantages of the FUE method is that the hair of the patients has a natural appearance after the procedure.

FUE Hair Transplant Performed?

Hair transplant specialists carry out studies to determine the front hairline of patients who complain of hair loss, in order for the patients to regain their natural hair appearance after the procedures. The purpose of this process is to start the hair from the very front or from the very back, to move the front hairline away from its naturalness.

Having a straight appearance of the front hairline is also not preferred in terms of naturalness. After the preliminary hairline determination process, studies are carried out to determine the open areas where hair loss is intense. FUE technique is a method consisting of four stages.

First, it starts with shaving the donor areas where the hair follicles will be collected. In this way , it will be much easier to take hair follicles with the help of micromotor . The areas where the hair follicles will be collected are numbed with local anesthetic drugs. Hair follicles are collected one by one with the help of a micromotor .

The most important reason why the nape area is preferred as a donor area is that the hair in this area is highly resistant to shedding. The collection of hair follicles takes approximately 2 hours. After the completion of the removal of healthy hair follicles, it is an important issue to preserve these hair follicles without damage. For this reason, it is ensured that the collected healthy hair follicles are kept in a special solution.

After the hair follicles are collected, the area to be planted is numbed with local anesthesia. Channel opening is one of the most important stages of the process. After the roots are collected, holes called canals are opened with steel-tipped special tools to the areas to be transferred. These collected hair follicles are transferred to the holes one by one. FUE hair transplantation technique is performed in a short period of 7-8 hours.

To Whom Can FUE Method Be Applied?

FUE hair transplantation technique is a method that can be easily applied to anyone over the age of 18. People who have hair loss and hair loss problems are suitable for hair transplant treatment. However, if patients have a skin disease, they should first be directed to the relevant area. FUE method is a frequently preferred method in men, and it can be easily applied to women who have hair loss problems.

What are the Advantages of FUE Hair Transplantation ?

This method is widely used all over the world because of the many advantages of FUE hair transplantation . Advances in technology have also led to developments in the FUE method. Today, sapphire FUE technique, in which channels are opened with the help of a tip made of sapphire instead of steel tips, helps to open much smaller channels than the classical technique.

FUE , hair is grown from areas where shedding is genetically least. For this reason, the success rate of procedures after FUE hair transplantation is quite high. One of the important advantages of the procedure is that the channels where the hair transplant takes place are extremely small. In this way, the recovery processes after the procedure are also very fast.

Opening too many channels in the FUE technique allows more hair follicle transfer. In this way, people with advanced hair loss problems can also use the FUE method very comfortably. Since there is no need for stitches in this process, the healing processes will also be much faster. Since the success rate of the method is extremely high, a single session is usually sufficient. If patients have advanced hair loss problems, a second session may be required, although rare. Patients can easily return to their normal lives the day after the procedure.

The Process After FUE Hair Transplantation

The specialists performing the operation warn the patients about what kind of process awaits them. In addition, patients are also informed about how to care for their hair. Following the advice given by specialist physicians helps the process to be much faster.

hair transplantation process is completed, the patients are dressed with the help of special dressing materials. If the experts deem it necessary, the process of wrapping the planted areas can be carried out. This area may need to be wrapped for about two days.

It is important to avoid contact with water in this area within two weeks after hair transplantation. When the FUE procedure is performed by teams who are experts in their fields, the success rates will increase. The channels opened in the FUE technique are opened in accordance with the direction of hair growth. These channels, which are opened with the help of special tools resembling a steel-tipped pen, are extremely small. After the procedure, crusting problems may occur in these areas. The crusting and subsequent shedding heals completely within a week or ten days.

Within 1-2 months after the procedure, patients experience a shock shedding phase . At this stage, patients may worry about the negative outcome of the procedure. However, this situation is temporary and over time, the spills slow down and stop completely after a while. After the shock shedding phase, it is possible to see that the hair starts to grow again.

FUE Hair Transplant Treatment in Thailand

Thailand is one of the medically developed countries. In addition, treatments here are much more affordable than in other countries. For this reason, many medical tourists prefer to be treated here due to its advantages. Since the FUE hair transplant technique is performed by specialist physicians in Thailand, the success rates are also very high. You can contact us to get information about FUE hair transplant treatment in Thailand .

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