Dental Crown Treatment Prices in Thailand

Dental Crown Treatment Prices in Thailand

A dental crown is a method applied in the case of a small number of missing teeth in the mouth. Dental crowns are made into visible parts of the mouth. It is not possible to remove these prostheses by the patients themselves. Thailand has the distinction of being a frequently visited country among medical tourists all over the world. Every year, thousands of people can get excellent quality and affordable treatment here. Thailand is also highly developed in dental treatments. For this reason , dental crown treatment prices in Thailand are a matter of curiosity.

Dental Crowns attract attention with their being much more useful than prostheses that are inserted and removed. However, certain conditions are important for these applications to be made. The preparation of these teeth takes place in 3-4 sessions after the measurements are taken.

What Are the Types of Porcelain Crowns?

·         porcelain laminate

·         Metal-backed porcelain crown

·         Empress porcelains

·         Zircon supported porcelain crown

porcelain crown types , the most suitable for the mouth will be determined by the doctors. Among the methods of fixed prostheses applied to date, metal durability as a substructure and the aesthetics of porcelain as a superstructure have been important in the process of making the prosthesis. Crowns produced with these methods are still used today. However, there are also fixed prosthesis applications that meet the increasing aesthetic needs of people, are made of different materials and can imitate the natural appearance of the tooth.

On Which Teeth Is Porcelain Crown Applied?

·         Excessive loss of substance in the teeth

·         Repair of fractures in teeth

·         Teeth that have discolored and whose color cannot be reversed

·         On implant applications

·         To teeth with deformity problems

·         Porcelain crowns can be applied to teeth that have had weak root canal treatments to prevent fracture problems .

What Are the Functions of Porcelain Crowns?

Porcelain crown treatment is a preferred method for completely covering damaged teeth. This process can be used to strengthen damaged teeth as well as to correct their shape and alignment. In addition, it is possible to place it on the implant so that the shape and structures similar to the tooth in terms of function are provided.

Porcelain crowns can be produced in tooth color. In the past, metal substructures were used to make the crowns strong. Today, laminates or empress porcelains are used in the front areas, which reflect the light better . In the posterior teeth, zirconia supported porcelains are more preferred.

Why is a bridge made for teeth?

If there is one or more missing teeth in the mouth, a bridge can be made. The gaps created by missing teeth in the mouth cause other teeth to shift here. In addition, problems such as rotation of the tooth in place and closing of the mouth may occur. Problems such as gum diseases and temporomandibular joint problems may also be encountered due to missing teeth .

Bridges can be used to replace one or more missing teeth in the mouth. In this way, it is possible to fill the gaps where there is no tooth. It is possible to use them by attaching them to natural teeth or implants around the empty space. Teeth, called supports, act as stabilizers for bridges. The preferred teeth for filling the gap are made by attaching them to the support crowns. It is possible to choose different materials for the bridge as in the crown. Bridges can be easily produced in the color of natural teeth.

What Happens If Prosthesis Is Not Made Instead Of Missing Tooth?

If missing teeth are not made, the teeth adjacent to this area and the opposing teeth in the other jaw may move. In this case, problems such as bad tooth closure, tooth loss, caries may occur in the mouth. If tooth loss problems occur for some reason , the neighboring teeth will move towards this gap caused by the loss. For this reason, problems such as gingival problems, deterioration in dental aesthetics, bone loss due to the movement of the teeth into the cavity, problems such as change in chewing force may occur in the teeth located on the side.

If there is a gap in the mouth for a long time, if these are not restored with an implant or bridge, tooth loss will occur. Problems that occur in case of missing teeth and not replacing them with prosthesis; are digestive disorders caused by lack of chewing. Depending on the position of the lost teeth, speech disorders and aesthetic problems may occur in people.

Infrastructure Applications Used in Porcelain Crowns

Standard Metal Alloy Applications

standard metal alloy applications , special metals that are compatible with teeth and gums, and that can remain durable and robust are preferred. The use of dental ceramics is common in order to restore aesthetics in superstructures . Standard metal alloy fixed dentures can be easily applied to all teeth in the mouth. However, aesthetic problems may occur in the future, especially in the front parts.

Precious Metal Alloy Applications

precious metal alloy applications is precious metal alloys containing gold. These precious metal alloys are mixtures specially used in dentistry. Among the substances used in dentistry, gold provides the best harmony between teeth and gums. Applications made with these help to achieve healthy results. In addition, zirconium is the most applied metal today and supports porcelain well.

How is Porcelain Crown Made?

First of all, the preparation of the teeth adjacent to the extracted teeth is carried out. If there are caries in the teeth, they are cleaned. These teeth are made conical and then the measurements are taken. Various rehearsals are made with the patients after casting, modeling and firing stages in the laboratories. After determining its suitability, it is placed in the oven for polishing. Fixed bonding of the crowns, which the patients and dentists are satisfied with in terms of appearance and position, is performed.

Dentists' primary goal is to simulate the artificial tooth as closely as the natural tooth. For this, the processes of taking into account the color of the teeth, the bite, the shape, the teeth in their natural state, as well as the dimensions of the artificial teeth are carried out. It is extremely important to pay attention to this issue, as the different teeth will affect the appearance. In addition, patients should talk to their dentists about the appearance they expect before the procedures to be performed.

How Should Porcelain Crown Care Be?

Porcelain crown care is an issue that needs attention. By paying attention to cleanliness, it is ensured that it lasts longer. It is especially important to clean the edges of the teeth and gums that support the prosthesis well during brushing. Care should be taken to brush the teeth at least twice a day.

Thanks to the measures to be taken, the plaques that cause the formation of bacteria are cleaned. Here, it is important to pay attention to the cleaning of the plaques between the teeth and gums. In order to prevent porcelain crowns from breaking, biting and chewing hard foods should be avoided. Routine visits to the dentist are important. Patients need to be under constant control.

How Long Can a Porcelain Crown Be Used?

Porcelain crowns are materials that can be used easily throughout life. However, in some cases relaxation problems may occur. In order for porcelain crowns to be long-lasting, attention should be paid to the best protection of oral health. Care should be taken to brush the teeth at least twice a day.

Dental Crown Treatment in Thailand

Thailand is a highly developed country in terms of dental crown treatment. The success rates of these procedures, which are performed in well-equipped clinics by specialist dentists, are also high. If you want to get information about dental crown treatment in Thailand, you can contact our company.

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