Hollywood Smile Prices in Thailand

Hollywood Smile Prices in Thailand

People's smiles are very special, like all their facial expressions and facial features. In addition, situations that prevent smiling do not occur only due to stress or intensity. Teeth have a very important place in terms of smile aesthetics. Thailand is one of the most visited medical tourism destinations for dental aesthetics. For this reason , Hollywood smile prices in Thailand are among the most researched topics.

Hollywood smile is an operation preferred by many people today, especially famous names . Tooth and smile aesthetics is an issue that attracts attention with its very important place in people's social lives.

What is the Hollywood Smile?

In short, the faces that are frequently encountered in daily life in magazines, social media, billboards, TV series are paid attention to. There are various points of a bright and luminous smile like Hollywood stars . This situation is called the Hollywood smile in aesthetic dentistry. Smile design is one of the most popular aesthetic procedures today.

neuroaesthetics , when looking at a person, the brain has the ability to focus primarily on the face and then on the bright spots. Studies in this area draw attention to the focus on location after lighting. By looking at these studies, it can be understood how important teeth and smile are.

For a beautiful smile, the length, surface features, width, relation and symmetry of the middle two teeth, which are called the central teeth, are extremely important. Considering that it attracts attention in the bright part, the design of the Hollywood smile on the teeth is an issue that needs attention.

How to Make a Hollywood Smile

Hollywood smile can be performed with many different methods in aesthetic dentistry. It is possible to change the appearance of the smile with porcelain laminate , teeth whitening, composite laminate, zirconium supported veneers, full ceramic veneers, orthodontic treatment, implant treatment of missing teeth and necessary gingival surgery.

After detailed analysis, dentists can decide on the most appropriate treatment for people. Smiles come in black, pink and white. With the Hollywood smile process , only the arrangement of white teeth and pink gums is not enough. The remaining parts of the teeth and gums in the mouth have a black and dark appearance. The less the black image is visible, the more aesthetic the smiles will be. For this, the length of the teeth and increasing the volume are provided to reduce the dark appearance.

The golden ratio is extremely important in aesthetics. The golden ratio gives the most ideal size in terms of the harmony observed between the parts of a whole. This ratio is also extremely important in Hollywood smile design. In the measurements to be made on the pictures taken from the people, it is ensured that the width and length ratios of the teeth are prepared according to certain templates. Various issues need to be determined, such as the ratio of the front teeth to the next tooth, the ratio of the whole tooth to the face, the ratio of the length of the teeth to the width.

Who Gets Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood smile application is performed, detailed intraoral examination procedures supported by x-rays should be performed. After the analyzes on profile photos, smile photos, digital measurements are made with precision, the procedures are decided. Sometimes it may be necessary to add botox and surgical procedures to the things to be done. The result of the treatment and the process are evaluated together with the patients. It would be correct to start the processes after the notification process. It is decided how the result will be by performing oral applications in digital form or with the help of special temporary materials . Thus, it will be possible to start the process after the approval of the patients.

What Are The Hollywood Smile Rules?

general standards of the Hollywood smile . These;

·         Lip widths should be adjusted to half the width of the face.

·         People should have deep laughing lines. It is an important issue that all the teeth up to the upper molars appear together with the smile of the person.

·         Lips should have a symmetrical appearance.

·         The upper front teeth should have a smooth structure.

·         During the smile, the upper gums should show a maximum of 2 mm.

·         Care should be taken not to show the filling applications on the upper teeth.

·         It is important that the lower incisors appear during smiling.

·         It is important that the upper incisors are more prominent and ahead than the other teeth.

What are the Benefits of Getting a Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood smile is a frequently preferred application especially in recent times due to its benefits. Communication between the patient and the doctor is extremely important in order to fully meet the expectation with a Hollywood smile.

Physicians need to understand patient expectations correctly, as well as analyze patient expectations as a result of treatment. Performing these procedures by specialist physicians helps to increase success rates. Designs are planned in advance and as a result, approval processes are carried out from the patients. Care should be taken to constantly rehearse designs. In this way, it will be possible for patients to achieve excellent results. There are various benefits of applying a correct and flawless Hollywood smile. These;

·         The perfect smile allows people to achieve the perfect look.

·         Thanks to the Hollywood smile design, patients have aesthetic and symmetrical teeth.

·         It is possible to eliminate self-confidence problems caused by oral and dental problems.

·         It is ensured that the teeth and gums reach a healthy appearance.

·         Since it is an application performed according to the expectations of the people, the patients will be 100% satisfied after the procedure.

·         Determining the ideal smile for people's faces helps to achieve an energetic look.

How to Make Hollywood Smile Design?

Many different processes may need to be performed for Hollywood smile production . Apart from dental and gingival treatments, applications such as lip filling are also procedures performed within the scope of smile design. For smile design, first of all, the expectations and needs of the people must be determined. For this reason, the procedures to be performed vary from person to person. There are some general operations performed.

Teeth whitening

There are different methods preferred for teeth whitening . The main purpose of the whole method is to lighten the tooth colors by a few tones. In this way, it is possible to achieve a white appearance. These methods can be performed by dentists in clinical settings. It can also be done by people at home. Which of these methods will be used is determined depending on the needs of the patients.

Porcelain Vener

Porcelain veneer is a veneer treatment for the front of the teeth. It is carried out in order to eliminate the crooked, stained, broken and intermittent tooth problems of the people. This process draws attention as it takes a very short time. The materials used during this process must have light transmittance. For this reason, problems such as graying do not occur.


Implant procedure is the name given to the treatment methods used to eliminate tooth loss problems in people.

Hollywood Smile Prices

Hollywood smile prices , people need to be thoroughly examined. The needs and expectations of people in these processes are a subject that varies from person to person. For this reason, since the scope of the treatments to be applied may change, the pricing may also change.

Hollywood Smile Treatment in Thailand

Thailand is among the highly developed countries in terms of dental treatments. For this reason, many people prefer to have dental treatment in this country. Hollywood smile design, which is performed by specialist physicians in well-equipped clinics in Thailand, is also frequently preferred. You can contact us to get information about Hollywood smile design treatment in Thailand.

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