Dental Implant Prices in Thailand

Dental Implant Prices in Thailand

Despite all the advances in oral and dental health, many people may experience tooth loss due to tooth decay, injury or periodontal disease. Thailand is among the countries most preferred by medical tourists. Many international tourists prefer to have dental implant treatment in this country. For this reason , dental implant prices in Thailand are among the topics that many people are curious about.

Dental implants can also be thought of as replacement tooth roots. Implants have the ability to form a strong foundation for fixed or removable teeth made in accordance with natural teeth. In other words, dental implants can be expressed as artificial tooth roots that are artificially placed in the mouth to support dental prostheses such as dentures or bridges.

Why is a dental implant done?

Implant is the name given to the screws made of titanium used in the treatment of missing teeth and placed inside the jawbone. After these screws are placed, dental prosthesis is placed on them. The advantages of implant treatments over other treatments include that they do not damage neighboring teeth. There is no need to perform undesirable operations such as cutting adjacent teeth. Implants act as tooth roots. With implants, eating, speaking or laughing functions can be performed comfortably as in natural teeth.

Who Can Have Dental Implant Treatment?

Dental implant treatment can be easily applied to people who are over the age of 18 and have completed their jaw and facial development. Before starting the treatment, x-rays are taken to determine whether the jaw structure is suitable for the implant. It is very important that the disease is regulated before starting the treatment in diabetic patients. People using blood thinners should stop these drugs before starting treatment. Those with bone resorption problems can easily receive implant treatment after receiving appropriate treatment.

How Is Dental Implant Treatment Performed?

Before dental implant treatment, patients are given light sedation. Before starting the procedure, patients are examined in detail and x-rays are taken. Measurements of the jaw bones and the remaining teeth are performed. There are two different options for placing dental implants.

In one-stage procedures, a temporary cap is attached after the implant is placed. In two-stage procedures, after the dental implant is placed, it must be covered with the gum. Afterwards, it is necessary to wait for the healing of the implant. It is important that the prosthetic heads are attached later. In both cases, a temporary bridge is placed. There is a recovery period of 3 months for the lower jaw. There is a 6-month recovery period for the upper jaw. In some cases, it may be possible to immediately insert the newly made teeth on dental implants. Thanks to dental implants, it is possible for patients to smile with confidence. In addition, they can easily eat.

Zirconium implants are new generation implant models developed to increase the resistance of implants made of titanium. These implants are especially used to increase the durability of narrow jaw bones. There is no difference from titanium other than its durability.

Zirconium is also a product that is frequently used in tooth coating. This material draws attention with its whiteness close to natural teeth. It also has the ability to reflect light. Due to these features, besides being durable, they are also aesthetically useful products. It does not cause wear . There are no cases of metal taste in the mouth. Undesirable conditions such as color change do not occur over time. This material is not harmful to the body.

Advantages of Dental Implant Treatment

advantages of dental implant treatment , it is one of the most preferred procedures today. Implants can easily stay in the mouth for many years without causing any problems. You can easily use your implants for many years after daily maintenance is done. Implants have the feature of being one of the most important inventions of dental treatments today.

Even in single tooth loss, implants offer a successful use. It is possible to apply to neighboring teeth without the need for any restoration process. In this regard, it is highly advantageous to perform operations in hygienic environments with quality materials.

Implants that are solid and well made do not cause problems in the future. There are many advantages to having a good implant.

·         Although dental implant treatments are high-budget, they can be used easily for many years.

·         It helps people to improve their quality of life.

·         Since it has a beautiful structure in terms of aesthetics, it has the feature of completing self-confidence.

·         There is no fear of prosthesis removal and people can safely use their implants.

·         Since the chewing functions are not disrupted, it is possible to eat in a much healthier way.

·         Since bone loss is prevented, cases of bone resorption are also prevented.

·         In addition to regulating speech, it also prevents bad breath problems.

Implant screws have a certain size. For this reason, it is possible to apply it safely to people with suitable jawbones. It has the feature of being applied safely to people with good general health conditions.

It can be safely applied even if tooth loss occurs in one or all teeth. Since it is applied under local anesthesia, there are no cases of pain during the treatment. After the treatment, pain may be experienced in the evening hours, but it is possible to solve these problems with painkillers. Implant treatment periods end in a period of 2 to 5 months, depending on the condition of the patients.

What are the Application Stages of Dental Implant Treatment?

implant treatments to be long-lasting, it is extremely important to take care of your mouth and teeth. Since the materials used in this treatment are the latest technology, the prices are more expensive than other treatment methods.

Since the treatment is long-lasting, it will not be possible to spend money again every 3-5 years. People get the full right to the money they have paid. Since the implants are produced from titanium materials, they have structures compatible with the organisms in the mouth. For this reason, the cases of rejection of the implant are extremely low.

Implant treatments consist of two stages. The first stage is surgery and the other is the upper prosthesis stage. The placement time of the implants in the bone is approximately half an hour for each implant. Total procedure times vary depending on the structure of the bone, the general condition of the patients, and the number of procedures to be applied. Implant treatments are mostly procedures performed under local anesthesia . However, sometimes these procedures can be performed under general anesthesia or sedation.

Patients will not feel any pain in the procedures performed under local anesthesia. Implant patients are most concerned about whether they will feel pain during the procedure. After numbing with local anesthesia, dentists can easily perform the applications. In this case, patients will definitely not feel pain. About three hours after the operation, patients may experience mild pain. The severity of pain varies from person to person. However, these pains are not unbearable and can be easily relieved with painkillers.

Dental Implant Treatment in Thailand

Thailand is one of the developed countries in terms of medical tourism. For this reason, many international tourists prefer both treatment and vacation in the country. Quality dental implants made by expert dentists are of extremely high quality. You can contact us to get information about dental implant treatment in Thailand .

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